Sunday, 29 January 2012

How to mess up a games console

Haven't had much to blog about recently - I've slipped into a habbit of falling asleep early on the sofa during the evenings, meaning time on the Xbox has been limited.  And anytime I do go on it tends to be FIFA that gets the nod, despite it sending to me asleep itself!

But during this time one thing has really got on my tits - the newly designed Xbox 360 dashboard.

Its a sad time when playing games becomes a secondary function of a games machine.  I've never seen it before but this Xbox dash update confirms Microsoft's sad intentions - to appeal to the wider market and turn the 360 into an entertainment hub, leaving idiots like me who might expect some kind of games focus incredibly frustrated and saddened.

I used to enjoy turning on the machine and looking at the latest game features, demos & coverage on the home screen, but its now hidden through multiple menus in a dark sweaty corner, barely making a whimper.  New demos are just not advertised, new XBLA releases are unknown.  Instead I get some more news about Facebook & some shitty movie being available to download.

Message to Microsoft - get a grip and remember who got you here - the hardcore gamers who purposely picked an Xbox and a 360 to play games.  Tossers!

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