Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Bang Bang and Games That Should Have Been Better

Just when I think there is still nothing to blog about, rejoice in the magic that is XBLA, as we now have another top-down racing game in the pipeline - Bang Bang Racing, due to hit XBLA and PSN fairly soon.

I'm a complete sucker for a top down racing game, and while there have been a few interesting ones knocking around in production this in particular looks like it could be something quite special.

Maybe its just my age, but I'm more excited by this than any of the recent full price releases in recent years.

Talking of being old, I enjoyed a screening of Robocop on TV last night.  Its a great movie for so many reasons... the characters, the storyline, the 80's coolness, the social and political satire - but it made me wonder why they messed up so much with a recent remake of a Robocop game on the original Xbox?  The licence deserves so much more... but we at least do have the memories of the Spectrum version of the game, with its music which can only be described as FUCKING AMAZING.  And for those who didn't know it first time round... here it is.  Amazingly ahead of it time.

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