Thursday, 5 May 2011

The Return of the Heroes

Just like busses, you wait around for ages for any news of interest then two lots come around oin a matter of days!

More thanks to Sega, too. This time the announcement of a remake of the superb Guardian Heroes, the Sega Saturn classic from Treasure.

What a game - probably the last great 2D action side-scroller. A quite amazing visual treat with great (and huge list of) characters & stunning music.

The game also had a duel mode that allowed players to choose from any of the main characters plus every single enemy or NPC that you met or defeated in the main game. It was a genius of an idea, allowing the most ridiculous match-ups possible. Pit a tiny little ninja rabbit against a massive screen-high fire-belching plant, or better still pit a tiny ninja rabbit against 5 massive screen-high fire-belching plants in a 6-man brawl!

Enough anyway - roll on the autumn.

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