Monday, 21 March 2011

The magic of Puzzle Quest

I've not posted at all recently due to complete laziness. That and the small matter of rediscovering the wonders of XBLA's Puzzle Quest.

It was one of the first full games (after Streets of Rage 2 of course) that I bought off XBLA's marketplace - its simple yet stupidly addictive 3-in-a-row style board puzzle combined with incredibly generic yet charming classes, characters, world map & music won me over. It reminds me of the days of playing Hero Quest and reading Fighting Fantasy books in my childhood... good times!

But it turns out that the local multiplayer element of the game is what makes it so great - more specifically the way that it seems to be universally popular as my wife likes it even more than I do. Unfortunately for me, she's also better at it - somehow. Surely girls aren't meant to be good at games? Don't they prefer cooking or watching Sex and the City maybe...?

By my limited reckoning, there are very few games outside of all the casual gamer tat on the Wii or Kinect that I think can boast to be a universally appealing multiplayer game for a bloke and his wife. I know you get the odd woman who will like nothing better than playing deathmatch Halo, or throwing hadokens on Street Fighter 4, but generally speaking the opportunities to slouch on the sofa playing video games as a couple don't come around too often.

Who needs sex when you have Puzzle Quest???

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